Spring Bedroom Tour

I love a good home tour and I’m guessing that you do too! So today I decided to give you a tour of our bedroom, since it’s the only room that is feeling finished. We’re doing a lot of rearranging and making over in most other rooms, so those will come a little later!

I like to keep my bedroom more on the “cozy minimalism” side of decor. It’s relaxing for me and much easier to keep it cleaned up!

Often the bedroom becomes the dumping ground. This has happened to us in the past! But I really had to make the decision to turn it into more of a retreat. Especially when there is remodeling aka “chaos” going on in other parts of the house.

It’s so calming to be able to go into my bedroom, shut the door, diffuse some essential oils, and hopefully feel sane again!

Tour my bedroom!

I would love to hear from you about your home! Are your rooms finished or a work in progress like mine?

See ya again soon!


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  1. I love to watch your videos and appreciate all that you offer in decorating…may I ask where you found the shelf in your bedroom??!
    Thank you in advance!

    1. Hi Barbara. The shelf is just a 2×8 board that we bought at a flea market. It already had a nice, weathered look to it. But one from the hardware store would work also. We installed it onto brackets that we picked up at Home Depot. Hope that helps!

  2. Where did you get the quilt on your bed?? I LOVE it! Your bedroom is gorgeous!

    1. Hi Beverly! Thanks so much. The quilt is from Target. I got it last year and I believe it was part of the Magnolia line.

  3. I love your YouTube videos and amazed by all your incredible finds. Your thrift stores, Goodwill, and Salvation Army offer so much more than what is offered here where I live in Michigan…
    Take care and I’ll be watching.

    1. Thanks Ann. I lived in Michigan for 17 years! I’m surprised to hear that thrifting isn’t good for you. I used to get antiques off the side of the road! 🤣 It sounds like times may have changed.
      Thanks so much for visiting and I’m so happy that you’re enjoying the channel!

  4. Do you have things for sale? Can’t quite figure it out. Love your finds.

    1. Hi Cheryl! I only have a flea market/antique booth at this time. I’ll keep everyone posted about buying online.
      Thanks so much for asking!

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