Cottage Christmas Home Tour (video)

Simple joys, and quality time are what we’re focusing on this Christmas. I rearranged our smallish living room, and dining room to accommodate all seven of us, through many days of merry making!

It really took the pressure off, (and made it so much more enjoyable) to keep the decorations simple. Using foraged greens and grasses from our property, kept costs down as well.

I tend to struggle in the winter without my garden. Searching for greens, berries, and dried florals gave me a chance to appreciate the off season for my plants.

Pulling in Estate sale, and vintage finds, gives a sense of grandeur, that a house built in 1980 can surely be lacking in.

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Thank you so much for visiting us at Free Range Cottage. I surely hope that you are able to experience some simple joys during this Christmas season.

Below is a Christmas home tour of our cottage style home. It’s far from perfect and has a never ending project list. But we’re so grateful for our little part of the world.

I hope you’ll come and visit us in our Ozark Mountains cottage in 2022!

Blessings to you, Tanya and Rob

Watch the video here!

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