Farmhouse Style Tiny Laundry Room Makeover

Small laundry room makeover.

Oh the joy of doing laundry. Really, I don’t mind it since we gave our tiny laundry room a much needed makeover!

This Laundry room is part of the seven foot ceiling territory. Which includes the kitchen, half bathroom, laundry room, and master bathroom.

Why ask why, is all I can say.

Our laundry room is just off of our kitchen and is completely open. There is no door.

Every guest that uses our half bathroom must walk by this laundry room. Evidently, space planning genius was going on in 1980, or no one had any dirty clothes.

Before you ask, “why not put up a door?”, I’ll tell you it’s been tried with a curtain. It cuts off the only window in a dark, Hobbit hole, seven foot ceiling laundry, and half bath.

Moving on, I made a list of what we need in a laundry room.

We originally had an undersized wood cabinet on the wall above the washer and dryer. I replaced it with a slightly less undersized cabinet, that I bought thrifting.

It was in that sad state for years!

After we bought a new washer and dryer, I knew the time had come for a new look and some extra storage.

Planning the update.

Storage was definitely the first item on the list.

The least expensive way to do that was open shelving. I wasn’t thrilled with the idea since most of the things I needed to store were not of the pretty variety. Light bulbs, pet items, cleaning products and such.

So I rounded up a bunch of baskets and crates. Pretty much my go to farmhouse containers for storage. What can I say? They’re easy on the eyes and I love the texture they add.

The next issue was a counter-top for folding clothes. I wanted to squeeze every last bit of function out of this tiny space that I could.

Rob put together a counter-top using a Kreg jig and three 2 x 12 pine boards. He cut them down to end up being 33 inches in depth, to accommodate our washer and dryer. Your measurements may be different.

If you’re not familiar with a Kreg jig, there are a lot of blog posts and videos demonstrating it. Check out Shanty2Chic. One of my favorites.

It’s a perfect folding counter and is as smooth as one piece.

Tiny Laundry Room Makeover

We stained the counter-top and shelves Minwax Jacobean stain. The top coat is three coats of satin finish polyurethane.

We like to hang all of our shirts to dry, so we needed a hanging rack. That’s when I thought about the pipe brackets that we used for the shelves.

The industrial style of the shelf brackets worked beautifully as hanging racks! We made them 30 inches long. They hold plenty of hangars and are completely sturdy.

I have storage to spare now.

My paintbrushes are kept here. for convenience. I’m also planning on storing my homemade and purchased chalk paints on the top shelf.

I keep the laundry soap and other necessities on a rolling cart in between the washer and dryer.

We’re so happy with this Laundry room makeover. I have a hard time remembering what it was like for all of the years before.

That’s ok. I prefer to reminisce about other things anyway.

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  1. I love the shelf bracket idea for the use of hanging your clothes and how you mixed it different textured baskets! Great job!

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