Small Pantry Organization

I recently did a quick makeover on my small pantry. I wanted to give it farmhouse style, but also be more organized so that it functioned better.

We cook and eat most of our meals at home for budget and health reasons. So I was really “craving” ha, a lot more organization for our small pantry.

When we first moved into this house over 15 years ago, there was no pantry at all! There was a tall cabinet that was about the depth of one can of soup. Forget about putting any cereal boxes or jars in there! I guess when they built this house in 1980, they planned on eating out a lot.

Pantry before

We stole some space from our coat closet that was located behind the cabinet. Now it’s not huge, but I’m grateful to have a pantry nonetheless.

I promise that I’ve cleaned this thing out numerous times a year since we built it. But it just never lasted. As you can see, it was stuffed full and difficult to find anything.

It was time to rethink this pantry.

Pantry makeover

I took absolutely everything out. As you can see, my timing was perfect as usual. We were right in the middle of a DIY budget kitchen remodel. You can see more of that here.

But whatever, It had to be done for my sanity, which hangs by a thread as it is!

I gave it all a good cleaning, and we added trim around the floor. It was only on the project list for 5+ years!

Pantry makeover

The yellow walls were painted Benjamin Moore Simply White. This is my favorite white and it’s on most of the walls in the rest of my house.

The shelves got a coat of white in a semi-gloss also.

I also removed all of the wire shelving that had been hanging on the right side. This is where I was keeping all of my spices and a few canned goods.

The spices were cleaned out and relocated to another cabinet. I had an idea for that wall!

We’re big fans of cast iron pans. We have quite a few that we’ve found at Thrift stores and Flea markets over the years. I had always wanted them hanging on the wall in a farmhouse style pantry, but never felt like this one was big enough.

Well when there’s a will there’s a way, right?

We took a large piece of butcher block that was leftover from our kitchen remodel. I added a white stain, polyurethane, and hooks that I purchased at Hobby Lobby.

I love it so much and it opened up some space in my cabinet where they used to be stored.

I added in jars and baskets to keep everything organized and for a farmhouse style. We just pull out whatever jar or basket that we need. It’s working very well so far.

It’s been a couple of months now and the pantry has stay organized. I can actually find what I’m looking for without a time consuming scavenger hunt!

Small Farmhouse Kitchen

Hopefully you’ll be inspired to get into that pantry or cabinet of yours, and get organized. It’s so worth it.

If you love farmhouse, vintage, cottage decor, then you might want to watch one of my latest videos. Kitchen thrift finds! Some of my favorite thrifted finds are for my cottage kitchen.

Let me know what you think.

Links to products I used:

I’ve added links to some of the products I’ve used in this makeover. Some may be affiliate links that will give me a small commission, with no additional cost to you. Thank you for supporting my small business!

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