Cozy Bedroom Makeover On An Extreme Budget (Video)

It was time. Our guest bedroom had become a dumping ground for all the “things”. But with our DIY kitchen still in the works, I had to do this makeover fast and on an extreme budget.

I originally had bunkbeds in there that I had thrifted. There was also a leather chair that I had thrifted years ago. But for some reason, no matter what room I put it into, no one sat in it.

Time for change. I listed everything on Marketplace and it sold right away. Now I had a bit of money to play with. But I really challenged myself to use what I had before buying anything.

I found a gallon of black paint that I’d had stashed for years! My mom tells me that when I was very young, I wanted to paint my bedroom walls black and have a white, fur bedspread. Was I a morbid child or just a designer in the making?

I also had a couple of metal dressers sitting in my garage. Now was my chance to give one of them a makeover.

A secretary desk that I had painted in Sea Salt was brought in for some storage and writing (laptop?) space. You can see the full before and after makeover here.

Fall living room decor

So I had most of the furniture that I needed already. Imagine that! Furniture junky much?

A daybed of some sort was all that was missing. I kind of agonized over it because the one I really want is at World Market. But I just couldn’t justify paying that much. So for now, I found an IKEA one that someone was selling for forty dollars. It’s got a little bit of an industrial farmhouse vibe. So I reasoned that it would go well with the black wall I was about to paint.

So I had a plan and I hadn’t spent much at all. Yay! I also added a burlap cover to a large ottoman from the thrift store. I paid fifteen dollars for it and painted the legs black and stapled burlap over the dated floral that it was upholstered in.

The picture ledges were a DIY from years ago. But they had been hanging out in the attic until I found a suitable place for them. A gallery wall was just the thing to cozy up the blank white wall by the bed. Lamps that I picked up years ago at an Estate sale were perfectly at home in here. The overhead lighting is pretty dim.

However, the natural light is bright in here since there is a skylight. It’s the perfect place for a lot of my houseplants. I already had both of the mirrors over the dresser, and the rug in front of the bed.

Hey, I actually came out ahead on this makeover! I didn’t spend all of the money that I had made on the furniture I sold. So now we can go out to dinner because I’m tired after all of that work!

Of course there is still a popcorn ceiling to deal with and some curtains. But that will have to be for round two, or three, or whatever round I’m on!

Let me know what you think in the comments. We’ve already had guests in the room and I haven’t had any complaints. That seems like a good sign.

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