Bohemian Farmhouse Bedroom Makeover: Before and After

Hey Free Range friends! I recently completed our master bedroom makeover. I went with a Bohemian Farmhouse bedroom style. We installed a couple of shiplap walls and a sliding barn door to our bathroom about a year ago. So it had a great farmhouse vibe but was just “plain vanilla”. I usually hate that term because I LOVE plain vanilla. But only in ice cream and not in my bedroom.

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Read on to see how I completed my Bohemian Farmhouse bedroom.

Now it’s “plain vanilla with sprinkles on top!” I’ll add links to everything I purchased (where possible) to the bottom of this post.

Bohemian farmhouse bedroom makever
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Our master bedroom is south facing and gets lots of natural light. The walls and shiplap are painted Benjamin Moore Simply White. The white curtains are from Homegoods and the black curtain rods are form Walmart.  The lined bamboo blinds are from Lowes and we love them. I have them in my living room and kitchen also.

Farmhouse bedroom

I moved the living room rug in here when we purchased the IKEA Malm bed (which I’ll post about soon). The rug definitely has a Bohemian feel to me, so I was starting to see where the end result could go!

Farmhouse bedroom before

We’ve had the matelasse’ pattern duvet cover and shams for years. It was time for an update!

Farmhouse bedroom before

On the other side of the bedroom we have a small nook area. We had recently thrifted a $25. slipcovered Pottery Barn sofa! I added stuffing to the back cushions. But it still needs a new slipcover.

Farmhouse bedroom before

It’s very comfortable. But you can see the wear on the arms, and the fit isn’t the greatest anymore either.

Farmhouse bedroom before

The pallet wood sliding barn door leads into our bathroom. The rustic finish is one of my favorite parts of the bedroom.

Farmhouse bedroom before

The TV is on a swivel and can be turned to face the bed or the couch. It’s installed above my thrifted $35. dresser that I’ve had for years. I painted it and added vintage knobs and pulls that I had collected.

Farmhouse bedroom before

A stripe of pallet wood defines the TV area. I had added a lamp but it still felt blah over here. Not very exciting.

So I did a little planning and some shopping. All of the basics of the room were in place but it just needed to feel complete and actually decorated!


Bohemian Farmhouse Bedroom

What a difference! It feels so much more inviting when walking in here now. I added a striped comforter and natural colored duvet cover and shams. The comforter cover is part linen just like the white linen sheet set on the bed. The gray quilt and shams have a gorgeous ruffle detail at the edge. We’ve found that the lightweight comforter and quilt are the perfect combo for sleeping under this summer.

Boho Farmhouse bedroom

A closer look at the linens. They’re still subtle and neutral but add so much texture and coziness. The throw pillows are also new.

Farmhouse throw pillows

I switched out the lamps to these farmhouse style clear jars. I love the touch of black at the top. I added burlap shades for some more texture.

Farmhouse bedroom makeover

I was thrilled to find this framed farmhouse print. It’s exactly what I had in mind.

It’s close to the color I would like to paint our house!

Farmhouse style bedroom

I switched up the larger, tufted trunk with a smaller bench. It feels a lot more airy and is actually sturdier than it looks!

I have thought about adding another one next to it. What do you think?

Bohemian Farmhouse Bedroom

The wicker top is so yummy.

Bohemian farmhouse bedroom

On the other side of the room, I added a cute quilt to cover all of the slipcover issues for now. I plan on buying or making a new slipcover. But I’m thinking this is a pretty solution, until I can get to it!

Bohemian bedroom

I’ve never been a fan of abstract art, until recently. I think it adds a bit of texture without grabbing all of the attention. I was surprised when Rob said that he likes it too.

I’ve been wanting a white throw and this fur one is as soft as a kitten. But it’s synthetic. Don’t worry its not kitten fur!

Boho bohemian bedroom

The rope lantern and bleached basket add Boho style and texture.

View from the doorway.

The brass lantern beside the couch is new, as well as the gray and jute rug.

Gallery wall with TV

The TV area has always been difficult for me to decorate. What do you do about the big black blob on the wall (the TV)?

I decided on a gallery wall. I kind of have a love hate relationship with gallery walls. I can’t have it where I see it all the time or it ends up feeling cluttery (I’ve tried).

But in this location, I only see it if I’m sitting on the couch. It’s not even in my face when I’m in bed.

I think I’ll be able to keep it this way. But we’ll see!

Boho farmhouse style


Overall I just love the mix of Bohemian (Boho) and Farmhouse styles. I’ve been using this mix more and more in other parts of my house.

What do you think? Will you mix the two styles?

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Until next time, keep free ranging!

Shop this post: Many of the original items are no longer available, so I’ve linked similar ones. 

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  1. Add another bench to the end of bed. I think one is too small. The rest of the room looks very nice!

  2. I am super suprised you are not available on the Instagram platform. Is there a reason? Or am I missing something?

    1. Thank you Martina. My hubbie DIY’ed it several years ago and it’s one of my favorite things in our home!

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