7 Thrifted Home Decor Items You Should Never Buy!

I’m a big fan of thrifted home decor and furniture. At my house, we have a lot of it! I’ve saved buckets of money over the years with no sacrifice of style.

Thrift Home Decor chair

However, there are some home furnishings that I never buy used, with few exceptions. Read on and I’ll share the 7 home decor items I never go thrifting for, and maybe you shouldn’t either!

  1. Rugs

    I’ll usually pass on a used rug unless it’s obviously new and still in the packaging. I find that pet odors and spills are hard to completely remove. Even if I can’t smell it, my two dogs can. That’s all I need is to give my Chihuahua ideas about the rug being a pee pad!Stacks of rugsBesides, with great websites like Rugs.usa, a new rug is really affordable (especially during their sales) and I can get exactly what I want.

  2. Bed pillows

    Feather bed pillows are my favorite and unfortunately, not so washable. Pretty bed pillowsGreat bed pillows can be had for a reasonable price at places like Target and Ikea. They both have feather pillows starting at $10. I have several of the IKEA ones and really love them. So no reason to have to thrift bed pillows.            [activecampaign form=1]

  3. Upholstered items with an odor

    I will buy used upholstered items. Sometimes I like them “as-is” or I buy them to slipcover. Striped farmhouse chairHowever, I always give them the sniff test. If they smell smoky, moldy, or anything else funky, it’s a pass for me. Of course, there are ways to get smells out. But I choose not to spend my time on it. There are plenty of other upholstered pieces to choose from in the world. Unless of course it’s that velvet Chesterfield of my dreams! In that case, I would put more effort in.

  4. Furniture that needs repair

    Been there, done that. Every single time that I’ve bought a piece of furniture with a wobbly leg or other repair needed, it doesn’t work out.      Person using screwdriver                                                     No matter how simple it seems (just needs a screw), I end up throwing it away.                                    I just don’t have the skills or the patience for it. I’ve learned the hard way to pass these by.

  5. Small kitchen appliances: blender, mixer, food processor

    We’re a family that cooks, A LOT. We use most of our small appliances weekly and a lot of them daily.  Kitchenaid mixer

    I’ve found it much better to wait for a sale or save up and buy at a discount store such as TJMaxx. Buying a refurbished appliance with a guarantee could be another money saving option.

  6. Genuine antiques

    This is just personal preference. I don’t buy furniture as investment pieces. I’m mostly looking for comfort, style, price, and can I paint it? In my world, the china hutch that costs as much as a used car will have to make itself at home somewhere else.

  7. Anything that needs rewiring

    Again, this is my personal preference. It’s easy enough to buy a rewire kit at Lowe’s and DIY it. I’ve done it before, but it’s just not my cup of tea. I usually walk on by these items. Farmhouse black and gold wall lamp However, like I said about upholstery, it depends on the piece. If it’s an amazing chandelier, it could be worth some extra effort.


Buying thrifted home decor and furniture is a great way to stretch your budget. However, there are some items that you’ll want to carefully consider before a purchase. I’ve shared my list to help you out.

Let me know in the comments what thrifted home decor you never buy.

Hope you have a great day Free Range Friends!

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