Easy DIY Furniture Makeover

These thrifted chairs were only five dollars each at a local thrift store. Their vintage style made them a perfect choice for a DIY farmhouse style makeover!

When thrift shopping for furniture, especially chairs, make sure they’re sturdy (and don’t smell funny). These chairs were in excellent condition other than needing a little update.

I added a video to my Youtube channel where you can check out the whole process. This was a quick project. Just the kind I like, (almost) instant gratification!

If you haven’t grabbed my guide to finding THE BEST STUFF when you’re out thrifting, what are you waiting for?

How to thrift for farmhouse decor
Learn from my experience and mistakes how to thrift the home decor you really want!

So on to the makeover! I think you’re going to like this one.

Leave me a comment or contact me anytime. I can talk home decor and DIY all day!

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