DIY Rustic Farmhouse Table Runner

Have you seen those cute little rag rugs that are found in almost every store? I’ve seen them everywhere from Walmart to Homegoods.

I’m definitely picking up some of these that I found at IKEA the next time I’m there.

The texture and colors are so farmhouse style. ¬†However, in my experience, they aren’t very practical to use as an actual rug. They’re usually pretty small and too thin to stay in place.

Rag rug table runner

I happened upon some in my local grocery store (I told you they’re everywhere!) for two dollars each. That’s when my wheels started turning and I grabbed three of them to make a textured, colorful table runner for the fall.

DIY table runner from rugs

This project is so easy that it took me about fifteen minutes. It’s hardly worth a tutorial. But I just had to share it so that you can make one too!

DIY table runner

It’s only two seams, if you’re using three rugs like I did. I overlapped one end of the rug about a half inch over the other one and stitched it on my sewing machine. I went back over it with a zigzag stitch, just to make it nice and secure.

This could definitely be hand stitched, or use fabric glue for a no sew option.

DIY rag rug table runnerIt works best if you roll your rug up on the right side first. I put a few pins in to keep it stable.

DIY table runnerThere you have it. I think she’s a rustic beauty that compliments the last of my Crepe Myrtle blooms perfectly.

Easy DIY table runnerI think it’s a pretty good deal for six dollars. I’m going to be on the lookout for other rugs now that I know what I can do with them!

Easy fast table runner

What about you? Have you repurposed rugs into something else? I’ve seen them made into pillow covers, which I want to try next!

Also, if you like quick and easy DIY home decor, you should check out my trash to treasure wall art project.

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