Friday Favorites

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Welcome to Friday favorites! I’ll be sharing my favorite unique finds (thrifted or new) in home decor, fashion, books, other great blogs, and anything else I think you might love.

Vintage Furniture

I have a favorite find this week. It’s no surprise that I thrifted it from Facebook Marketplace.

For furniture, before I shop retail, I’ll usually look for a second hand piece.

It doesn’t always work out. But this week I’m happy to say that I scored a gorgeous, vintage pie safe!

white painted vintage pie safe

It’s definitely a vintage piece and far from perfect! However, it’s sturdy and has so many nice details. Such as the wood sides with the holes cut out for the steam to escape (for cooling pies).

Vintage pie safe
Pie safe

I don’t mind this area of my kitchen to be free of any furniture. However, we really need the added storage. I have open shelving, so I wanted this piece to have doors.

It holds ALL of our daily dishes and drinking glasses.

Things look so organized when tucked away in this vintage beauty.

Which of course makes me very happy whenever I reach for a plate or bowl!

white painted vintage pie safe
white painted vintage pie safe
white painted vintage pie safe

Koji loves to photo bomb. He’s such a sweet boy that I don’t mind.

There is so much stuff in this cabinet!

But I can just shut the doors and it feels so minimal (even when it’s not).

The white paint on the cabinet is perfect in this location.

It blends into the wall behind it. It’s quiet when I need it to be quiet.

I only paid $50 for this great vintage cabinet. Like I said, it’s far from perfect. But it’s solid wood and sturdy, making it one of my favorites this week.

Living Room Updates

I finally painted the trim around my living room windows. Now I’m just adding in a little bit of new decor and repurposing some that I already have. Full tour coming soon!

Bringing fresh branches in for the change of seasons is one of my favorite ways to decorate.

However, I realized I don’t have any vases to use! So I’ve been on the hunt for a couple of “statement” vases.

I recently had ordered a couple of things from H&M home. I was so happy with what I received and the price!

So I jumped on the website and it did not disappoint! Everything is 15% off (sitewide!) right now.

A couple of these vases will be coming my way for fall branches and Christmas greens.

I’ve linked some of my favorites for you below. The hardest part is going to be to decide which ones I want!

Shop H&M Vases

Cottage Home Tour

Have you watched the Chris Loves Julia Modern Cottage home tour? If not, why not? ha

Honestly, it’s not a cottage at all. But it is a beautiful home that they renovated and then sold.

There are a lot of cottage ideas and inspiration in the tour.

If you haven’t seen it, I hope you enjoy and it starts your weekend on a high note!

See you right here next week.


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