9 Best Tips to Decorate with the color Green

Ok, so you’re liking this green trend in home decor. But you’re not sure if you’re favorite colors include green. You need ideas!

For that reason, I’m sharing my 9 best tips to decorate with the color green. Most are low commitment for your home decor. While others are the best option for more passionate green fans. Use these ideas if you want to get on board with all of the green goodness. A green color palette is trending with interior designers and homeowners alike!

Different shades of green have been making their appearance in recent years. It’s Benjamin Moore’s color of the year for 2022. October Mist 1495 is a soft green.

If you’re looking for a great neutral color scheme that isn’t typical, green is your go- to color. We’ll consider the various shades to get the look you want.

My grandmother was a professional quilter. She always told me that she considered green a neutral. I didn’t really understand the concept then. But after using green decor for many years in my living space, I’ve come to understand the best ways to use this great color.

How to choose the best green for your home

When you head to the paint store and stand in front of all of those paint chips, it can be overwhelming. If you take a closer look at the green section, you’ll see that some have warm undertones and some are cool. You can tell which is which by the colors next to it.


If you’ve been pinning some greens on Pinterest, you’ll start to see a pattern. Do you lean more towards the warm greens like Olive or do you tend to like green with a little bit of blue in it?

This is a good place to start. Pick color swatches that you think will work in your particular room.

This always takes me awhile because I like to walk up to the windows at the front of the store and see it in natural light. Unless your home is lit by fluorescents, it will look very different than it does in the hardware store!

You’ll want to consider your current wall paint color and style of the room when adding green to your home. This may vary in different rooms as well.

There are many different green shades to consider.

If you’ll start planning your room decor with two questions, you’ll be guided in all of your next decisions, including color.

What will I use the room for?

How do I want it to feel in the room? Based on the answers to these two questions will determine the shade and intensity of green that you use. You’ll find that different colors of green give the room a different aesthetic.

I love using green to give bring the outdoors inside in my home. I’ve enjoyed many different gorgeous green colors. Below you’ll find my list of simple ways to bring this versatile color into your home

9 ways to bring the color green into your home


Bringing plants into a room is the easiest way to add some green accents. Houseplants and faux green stems come in everything from light green to bright green to dark green colors.

The benefit of bringing plants in as your green accents is that you can move them around, try them in different rooms, and get clean air at the same time.

Of course, if you don’t want to have live plants there are plenty of faux plants and trees. For a high end look, buy the most realistic ones you can get your hands on.

Adding natural elements into your living space is always a win ( especially when it’s green). You won’t regret it.

Green Accent Wall

Accent walls were very popular when I was growing up around my interior designer mother.

For a time they were out. Just like most interior decorating trends, they’re popular again!

A green accent wall is a great way to decide what green hue is right for your room. It’s only a wall rather than an entire green room.

If you have a neutral living room or dining room, try different colors of green on a swatch. You can swatch it right on your wall if you’re absolutely committed to a green walls!

Historic homes with original woodwork might be better suited to darker hues. Hunter green or Olive green are classic choices with a timeless room feel.

A more open space with lots of white colors might look best with a pale green.

If you’re looking for pattern, there are many beautiful wallpapers or even a tropical wallpaper to become a focal point in your room.


A fun idea to add in the trendy color is to bring in a piece of green furniture. There are so many beautiful furniture paints with the best colors to choose from. From warm greens to mint green. Buy a piece of thrifted furniture and grab a paint brush!

Upholstered pieces in green are a good choice as well. An Emerald green sofa can be combined with a neutral palette or add an extra blast of color. Look on a color wheel and see what is opposite for a bright color combination, such as blush pink or yellow. For a more relaxed look, choose colors that are beside green on the color wheel, such as blue.

A green headboard on your bed is a great choice. You don’t have to have green wall paint. But you’ll want some other green items in the room as accents.

Throw Pillows

Throw pillows for your sofa or bed are an easy way to achieve your perfect green color scheme. Mix textures and styles for a layered look. Pillows are an inexpensive way to find your favorite colors for your home.


I could go on and on about green rugs. Rugs and curtains add so much to a room to take it from nice to WOW!

I’ve linked my green rug below. I’ve had it for several years and always get questions about it. It seems to work in every room in my neutral palette house.


This is where I could get carried away with green for sure. If you’ve been around here for more than a minute, you’ll know that I love Lettuce ware dishes and mix them with everything. Have you seen the video with my Estate Sale finds? I think you’ll find a common color in the home decor that I bought.


Even though you might not have a green bathroom, adding in some fluffy green towels can feel so fresh. My favorite choice are dark greens to add a luxurious feel to these small spaces.

Kitchen towels in a green check or stripe look just right. They can be so cute to use as oversized napkins at the dining table as well.

Kitchen Cabinets

One of the latest trends is green kitchen cabinets. Now I’m not one to try to change my house to reflect every trend that comes and goes. But this is one that I can embrace.

Realistically, I don’t think it’s going away anytime soon. Green has such refreshing and soothing qualities at the same time. Green paint color can add just the right amount of drama for kitchen cabinets or built ins.

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