Another Denim Couch Bleaching Success!

Stephanie is a reader that emailed me about my bleached slipcover post. She had found a denim slipcovered couch and chair on Craigslist for $85., for the set! Hello. I’m coming to your town to shop. After looking for new slipcovers with no success, she found my post about bleaching. Here is the before:

Stephanie before

She had pulled the slipcover off of the chair and ottoman to see if she liked the white. Stephanie followed my tutorial as we emailed back and forth. After it was all complete, she sent me this picture…

Stephanie after

Wow. Every time I look at the picture I’m amazed at the transformation. It’s just beautiful and this is before she’s done any accessorizing! Stephanie says that this is her toddler’s favorite room. It’s also the perfect spot for family movie night. I don’t doubt it with those comfortable couches to snuggle up on! The amazing view would make it an ideal place for reading and relaxing too.

Thanks again for sharing Stephanie. You did a amazing job of stretching that dollar while updating your space.

Until next time. Keep free ranging!



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  1. I do have to say the results were amazing, but you do have to be careful with bleach–it will eat holes in the fabric if left too long.

  2. Hi Jennifer,
    First thing that I want to say is that I appreciate your question! I think when we start looking at possibilities instead of limitations, that's when we come up with something unique and often wonderful.
    In answer to your question, I'm not sure. 🙂 First, it depends on what kind of fabric it is. The more "natural" the better, such as cotton or linen. The fabric would have to be saturated in order to bleach so I'm thinking of a spray bottle. However, I'm concerned that if the fabric is very dark you might get a "tie dye" effect. I guess you just have to ask yourself how valuable the couch is to you. If you hate it so much that you're about to put it on the curb, then it might be worth a try. You could end up with a finished couch that you love OR it may end up on the curb anyway! Keep me posted!

  3. How would you bleach a couch that wasn't slipcovered? Do you think it's possible while the fabric is still on the couch?

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