How to Cozy Up Your Bedroom for Fall

There is a hint of cool weather coming our way. The days are not quite as long, so it’s time to add some cozy to our homes! The bedroom is a great place to start this fall.

With all of the staying at home these days, a cozy fall bedroom has become a priority for me.

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Most of us have been spending extra time at home over the recent months of virus concerns. So it only makes sense that the cozy season, AKA “fall” is a time to make comfort a priority.

I decided to keep it simple by doing some online shopping. Have I become spoiled by shopping from home and having my purchases show up at the door? Maybe. But there’s a big reason that I like it. I don’t get distracted from “my mission” and start focusing on multiple projects at once.

I definitely have attention deficit when it comes to sticking to what I’m currently working on! I’m always two projects ahead.

I’ve found that I can be more intentional and keep an eye on my budget, when I shop online.

So as I was shopping, I thought I would go ahead and share my finds with you. Some of them I’m purchasing, and some are on my wish list!

I’ve chosen some great neutrals with lots of texture.

I included a diffuser to add moisture, (for people, and plants) and amazing scents with essential oils. I turn ours on every night, and it really helps to start relaxing and winding down.

A warm blanket, soft rug, and curtains to pull closed for sleeping in! Now my bedroom is ready for reading, peaceful nights of sleep, and of course, breakfast in bed, or at least coffee!

I hope you’re inspired to cozy up your bedroom this fall.

Whether it’s using what you have, or adding in some new items, make comfort a priority this season. It’s good for your health, and happiness!

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Thanks for stopping by FRC today. Let me know in the comments one way that you add “cozy” to your bedroom in the fall! I always love hearing from you.

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