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Do you want a beautiful home but feel overwhelmed with choices? You’re in the right place.

Do you want your home to feel styled, but struggle with a cluttered outcome? You’re in the right place.

German schmear fireplace

Over several decades of home making and decorating, I’ve learned a few secrets that help me to have a beautiful home that also serves my family well.

I got down to basics to understand how to love and live in my current home (even though it has a quirky floor plan and isn’t my dream home!).

I don’t know about you, but I got tired of rearranging furniture and thrifting until exhaustion, only to still be frustrated with my living spaces!

I love MODERN COTTAGE style, but I don’t want my rooms to look like a retail store threw up in them (or the thrift store either)!

Who has time for the overwhelm and to dust all of those tchotchkes? Are you with me?

Good. Let’s get to it!

Kitchen jars with free labels

Does it take a big budget? Nope

Does it take a lot of time and frustration? Nope

Can I burn down my house and start over? Well, that’s up to you. But I can promise a jail cell is hard to make cozy!

Farmhouse dining room

If home decor, styling, and realistic beautiful living are what you’re looking for, then opt in so we can get this party started.

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